Two Parties, One Hangover

There are two ways to look at this weekend. I’m either a genius, or the stupidest person on the planet.

Andy feels like it’s the latter, but I’d like to think it’s a tie.

April, in general, is a super bad month for us. We were all born in April, save for Jude, whose birthday is tomorrow, so that means cake and family dinners and presents, and honestly, by May 9th, we’re all poor and diabetic.

In fact, I tried top talk Jude into forgoing a birthday cake for a festive birthday cleanse, but he took the selfish route and demanded a Star Wars cake.

Adding to the chaos was my constant April travel obligations, leaving me feeling like a giant douche bag.

To compensate for that, I decided to cram a shit ton of life experiences into May, the only month this year I am probably, maybe not going anywhere.

When we first laid eyes on this house, I knew one day I’d throw lots of parties here, apparently forgetting the part where I hate to clean or dress for company. But, I really want to step up my game in the entertainment area, so when presented with the chance to host a private concert in our backyard, I was like sure! And then spent the following weeks pulling out old trees and luring a “woodchuck” out from under my deck. I say “woodchuck” because that’s what Andy says it technically is, even though it’s more fun to ask him if he can see my beaver in the hole.

Saturday night, we hosted an intimate concert pond side with a one, Mikey Wax. Click here to check him out. Yes, he’s that hot in real life.

I spent the day arranging seating, making gobs of mexican food, and decorating with lanterns, candles and fire pits.





Margarita Ball. I feel bad for people who don’t own these.

Me, pre-concert. I’m wearing tall boots, it’s a Mikey Wax miracle, more on them later this week.

We invited some of our closest friends, and spent the evening drinking (a lot), eating (a lot), and enjoying our own private acoustic show under the super moon. Thanks, Al Gore!




It was an amazing night, that I can almost entirely remember, no thanks to the margaritas I went a bit heavy handed with the tequila on. I do that when I’m stressed. It’s like my nervous tick, some people blink or twitch, I dump alcohol into things.

We stayed up drinking and chatting around the fire until 2am, when Andy finally pulled me to bed because, as you may remember from the beginning of this whole thing, here comes the stupid part. I scheduled Gigi’s 3rd birthday party for Sunday afternoon. And I did almost no preparation for this other than deciding it would be Mad Hatter tea party themed and I would probably serve food there.

Thankfully, many of the previous night’s decorations could be recycled, even the leftover margaritas. This just left a quick 8am run to the store to rummage up a cake, some tea-party level food, and a gift or two.

I don’t want to brag, but aside the dark shadows under my eyes and my aversion to sunlight, I think I pulled the whole thing off.



Little hand sized turkey sandwiches with cucumber and sliced apples.


Tea Party cookies and blueberry scones for nibbling.







Alice in Wonderland La La Loopsy dolls + Store bought Rainbow cake = I totally planned this, y’all.

Hair of the dog, anyone?

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  1. Becky says

    Bet it was fantastic – both parties!
    Love the party ball – need to ge me one of those – for everyday use!
    I hope you get a nap soon~

  2. Carrie says

    I saw you mentioned this concert on facebook so I have been so excited to hear how it went, such an amazing set up and I love the lanterns!

    My daughter wants a Wizard of Oz party, so feel free to help me with ideas hahaha!

  3. says

    I am a complete and utter social failure! If I have to get the mail and take a crap on the same day, I need to avoid the world for a week to recover!!! You are my hero!!!

  4. Carrie says

    Oh! I forgot to ask, do you have a tride and true margi recipe? We always use the bottled stuff, but could use a good one if anyone has one!

  5. Angela says

    I feel for you… The same thing happens in my family in April, birthday’s every week from the beginning till the end and by the end of it we’re broke and have a cake hangover. As for the mad hatter tea party adorable! Looked just like you planned it.

  6. Angel says

    Boots! Where did you get the boots?!?!? I am in search of boots that will fit a curvy calved leg. And you found them!

  7. Erin says

    I wasn’t so sure about the Marg ball when you mentioned it last week. But seeing the picture I have already decided I am purchasing for my wedding reception next summer! Anything that dispenses alcohol like that is a need to purchase item!!

    • Brittany says

      Seriously, it’s like a keg, only better and full of tequila. It’s the best invention ever.

  8. Victoria says

    On Saturday the baby I nanny for turned 1… he’s a cinco de mayo baby, so OF COURSE, his first birthday party was really just a grown up bash (with a few Littles roaming around) with catered fajitas and a FROZEN MARGARITA MACHINE!! Long after the party ended and everyone had gone home, you could still see the glow of the spinning machine in the backyard and the mom, dad and I took turns taking trips into the yard for refills. I don’t even REMEMBER most of Sunday…. Best. First. Birthday. Party. EVER.

    • Brittany says

      I refuse to throw a kid’s birthday party without alcohol, and I don’t even care what that says about me. You started it off right, good on you!

  9. Angie says

    Beautiful!! I don’t know how you pulled off two amazing parties in one weekend (especially the second…with a hangover)! By the way, I’ve been eyeing those paper lanterns at Pier 1…love them! Hope your beautiful daughter had a fab birthday :)

  10. Kathy says

    The MargBall is genius!
    If you ever find room in your budget, find a sluhie machine and buy it! Virgin ( or ,ya know, regular!) Slushies for the kiddos and Adult Slushies for the moms and dads is so worth the investment!!

  11. says

    That tea party idea is BRILLIANT because it’s about two centimetres from what I would normally cook on a weekend. I also love the effort you put into a backyard party. My normal birthday BBQ effort = make sure there’s gas for the BBQ, put ice in the laundry sink for drinks and maaaaaaybe sweep the verandah. You’ve totally shown me up! But for my 30th I’m paying other people to do stuff for me so I can concentrate on drinking. Hurrah :)

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