Her third year.

Once upon a time, a beautiful and really rested and youthful looking queen was pregnant with a baby girl. Everyone in the kingdom was super excited, and the queen just glowed with happiness, as she already had two handsome princes who, while totally adorable and sweet, mostly liked playing video games and peeing in the toilet at the same time so they could sword fight and cross streams. The king, while dreamy and a good provider, had very little want or desire to discuss such woman things as spotty periods or Twilight or anal bleaching, which, at the time, was a very popular thing to do.

The queen dreamed of the day she and the princess would read fairytales before bedtime, brush each other’s hair, and spend their days shopping, having lunch, and getting pedicures just like Beyonce and her mom probably do between designing really gaudy and unflattering outfits.

Finally, the day arrived, and with a tiny magical giggle, the queen popped the princess out all shiny and sparkly and lovely, not covered in that ricotta cheese birth stuff, at all.

The kingdom rejoiced, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Oh also, the princess is super demanding, manipulative, and a touch unstable.

We are equal parts in love and absolutely terrified.





But on the upside, I take no greater joy than witnessing a small version of myself march around my house, lighting up the room with one liners and I Love Lucy monologues, picking out all her own clothes (she changes 700 times a day) and melting Andy to a puddle of Axe smelling goo with her big brown eyes.




Gigi, we’ve had you for three years, and we plan to adore you for at least a hundred thousand more.


Happy 3rd birthday.

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  1. Cort says

    Three years already? Wow. She’s beautiful – and I’m sure witty and smart – just like her Momma. Happiest of birthdays, Gigi!

  2. says

    little girls do have that effect on their daddy’s don’t they? I know for a fact mine is a total push over for his little blonde hair & blue eyed girl! she is a big daddy’s girl, me however she just likes to push my buttons & pick fights over her clothes, shoes, what she eats or what ever dramatic event she feels like is worth crying over, she is definitely the drama Queen of our house!

    Happy Birthday Gigi!!

    • TDM80 says

      Oh, thank God I don’t have the only daughter that is like this. Because I was beginning to think that mine hated me and had a secret agenda to drive me absolutely crazy over….well, pretty much anything she decides to whine and cry about.
      Daddy on the other hand? He’s a frickin’ Knight in Shining Armor, who’ll do anything for his dolly. So thank you! I’m not alone!

      And Happy Birthday to Gigi!

  3. amy says

    I know you will find this hard to believe-but as Queen to an almost-five-year-old princess, they get EVEN COOLER. Happy Birthday Miss Fabulous!

  4. Jessie says

    That beautiful little girl looks just like a mini version of her Mommy. :-)
    Congrats on surviving! Here’s to 30 more!!

  5. says

    The first post I read from your blog was the one when Gigi was born. So if my math is correct, that means I’ve been reading your blog for the last 3 years!! Faithfully. Which is strange, because I’ve probably done nothing faithfully for three years except attend my weekly anal bleaching appointment and sing annoying songs around the house so that my family wants to stab me a little bit. Consider yourself magical and kinda lucky. Cheers to me, you and Gigi.

  6. Jody Curtis says

    Happy 3rd Birthday little one! Either all 3 year old little girls are very much the same… or our girls were separated at birth. :)

  7. Kristin says

    Oh, she’s so lovely! My princess turned eight last week and, though I love to watch her grow and change, part of me wants to strap bricks to her head and all her appendages to make her stop growing and changing. Cuddling with an eight year old is still (sometimes) possible, but it sadly can’t quite compare to cuddling with a three year old. Enjoy every moment – because it goes so quickly! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!

    P.S. Is it just me, or are the feet on those LaLa Loopsey dolls incredibly creepy?? My daughter has a few and we always make sure they are wearing their shoes 😉

  8. says

    My dad STILL melts into a pile of goop, and I’m 29 :) Mind you, he often rolls his eyes first these days… Happy birthday Gigi!

  9. Shelby says

    Happy Birthday Gigi!!!!

    When my daughter was 3 she would argue with me about her shirts, pants, shoes matching. She would change her clothes so often I would take pics of her in her outfits just in case she went missing cause I would not be able to tell the authorities what she was wearing the moment she went missing! She is 15 now and still matches her clothes with accessories, helps me match my outfits and we shop, get pedicures together. I love watching her turn into a beautiful independent woman with strong opinions but there are days when I get weepy cause she is not 3. Enjoy these years cause they fly by!!!

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