Today he’s five.

The little alarm on my iphone just beeped.

It’s Wyatt’s birthday, remember?

Of course I remember, iPhone. I don’t need an alarm to tell me that.

(yes I do.)


Today Wyatt is five.

He loves Kung Fu Panda, the Three Stooges, and Adam West is his favorite Batman of all the Batmans. (even five year olds think you sucked, Clooney.)

His favorite word is creepy.

I love you Wyatt Adam.

You’re creepy.

He loves roller coasters and sushi and eating the crust first.

He hates whispering and olives and the sound nail clippers make.

If any of my children were going to get a girl pregnant in high school… it would probably be him.

My Wy. I positively adore him and can’t believe I have been allowed to have him to myself for five whole years.

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  1. Angela says

    Awww Brittany…. I know exactly how you feel! My little boy Ashton is turning 6 next week and I feel the same way about him….

    P.S. He thought George Clooney sucked too.

  2. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN, When I met you, I knew you were the coolest kid EVER!! Have the best birthday and eat lots of cake and ice cream!

  3. stephanie stevens says

    Happy Birthday to you Brittany, after all you made the birthday. Tell Andy you should get presents too.. And wish that cutie pie a happy 5th birthday also.

  4. hopev says

    We had babies on exactly the same day in the same year. I knew I felt a kinship to you for a reason (besides your awesomeness, that is).

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