Brittany Learns to Share.

The year they launched gmail, I bought Brittany an invite off ebay for $5.  Since then, she has taken great joy in emailing me her streams of consciousness multiple times a day while I am at work and unable to field her constant phone calls.

The other day, she found out I saved a lot of them because I think they are weird, and I can’t delete what may one day be evidence.  So she posted one and she received enough positive reinforcement from it, that she decided I could have my own section here to post all the crazy crap she has sent me over the years.

Which is a big deal because she is horrible at sharing.

So I will try to post them often, unless I break something, at which time I am no longer allowed to touch this website and I have to pay her $1000.  It’s cute that she thinks she knows more about the internet than me.

The Brittany Emails

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