A Photo Essay: I think I wanna marry you.

I recently received an email asking how Andy and I got engaged, and because I actually have engagement photos, and I finally figured out what button makes my scanner work and can stop screaming CRUCIO! at it and throwing it across the office, I thought, why not?

Plus Andy is all, it’s not magic if you are smashing it into the walls with your hands.

Whatever, Snape.

Andy and I met in pre-school.  It was the only one in town at the time, held in the basement of a Methodist church with sea foam green brick walls and carpet that was always moist.

preschool sweethearts

He was a transformer, I was a Wuzzle.

It was a very Romeo and Juliet, star crossed lovers situation, as robot – sexually impossible animal hybrid dating was largely frowned upon in the 80s. (boo, Reagan.)

We went our separate ways, he to a public elementary, me to a convent.

Until circumstances beyond our control brought us together again later in High School, and I spent the next two years trying to convince him to change his name to Drew, because it sounded way more exotic.

PromLost in the Night.  1998.  These outfits really happened.

One week before we went away to college, I asked Andy to marry me on my parent’s couch while we watched the Drew Carey Show.  He said no.  I pretended I was kidding and told him I didn’t want to marry him, anyways.

We dated through college, moved into a two bedroom apartment together in Columbus, and adopted a pair of homosexual cats, Jack and Gray.  They spent a lot of time being intimate in front of the television, watching cars out the window, and bickering about the throw pillows.

We were blissfully happy, until one day we weren’t.

He moved back home with our cats, and left me in an empty apartment.

I ran away to work at a summer camp.

american gothic

It’s exactly like the movie Wet Hot American Summer and Meatballs.  The first one, not the second one…the whole alien thing was ridiculous.

By the end of the summer, oats were sewn, drunk dials were had and sloppy apologies were made.  I’d like to think the fact that I spent the summer on a horse in jeans, white tank tops and cowboy boots moved things along.

Girls are almost never not hot on horseback.

Except at Renaissance weddings.  Those are mostly awkward, there’s never any silverware, someone always stabs themselves with a sword, and the “mead” is just watery Bud Light.

So the truth is, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, Andy proposed to me in a cemetery, and one day, I will probably go into more detail on that because it’s hilarious and almost nobody knows that story because Andy thinks it makes us sound insane. So, in a more mainstream and official fashion, we gathered our friends went to the zoo to see the twinkly lights.  It was terribly cold and the only reason I agreed to go was because Andy made me a thermos of warm rum cider.

engagement 1Freezing my clitoris off on a slab of cold concrete we posed for pretty pictures.

engagement 2He whispered that one important question in my ear, again.

engagement 3And boom, awkward kiss that I can never, ever unsee.

And then we got married.

So, that’s how that happened.

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  1. says

    Yeah so those pictures totally brought back memories. I love you both and so happy you found the love of your life. He is a great person and you are a great person and together you make great people (and little people).


      • kelly says

        Shut up! We couldn’t afford it either but my alternative was a dress from the sale rack at Gantos, not hand-crafting an exact replica with my mom! Admittedly, I may not have thought that was super cool back then, but I love the idea now!

    • Brittany says

      You mean, you weren’t one of 5 Wuzzles I spotted in that picture?

      Bad ass costume, Matt. I think we need a full body shot of that!

  2. Maggie says

    Yes ME TOO…@Rachel…it’s one of my faves! It will now be in my head allll day. Great love story Brittany! Can’t deny fate!! Also? Andy, in the prom pic?? PRICELESS!

    • Brittany says


      I begged him not to wear that, but it’s what all the rural boys with urban dreams were doing in the 90s.

      Be shocked he isn’t wearing a Bone Thugs N Harmony gold necklace. He was THAT awesome back then.

  3. says

    I’m terribly sorry to hear about your clitoris. I was very busy worrying about the rabid polar bear I thought was about to eat your head. (Then I realized it was made of snow and felt like a complete idiot.)
    The only thing keeping me from being a sobbing mess about the sugary sweetness of this whole story is, thank god, the image of that that top hat which will forever make me giggle when I picture it.

  4. says

    How sweet is that! I love it. Way better than meeting your husband on a blind date, sleeping with him 10 days later & your first born is due on the day you officially met one year later. That’s how I roll.

  5. Amber Davis says

    Ok…first I just wanna say AWWWW!! How Sweet!! Then, I just have to say…wow Andy….LOVE the leather jacket!!!! :o)

  6. says

    The top-hat and cane totally rocks..

    Keep putting on the ritz.. 😉

    My wife was my first love, but we didn’t meet until Jr. High. You guys totally win.

    My goal was simple. It was: “Find someone who won’t kill me in my sleep.”

    So far, so good.

  7. says

    Holy Shit, Brittany. Your camp boobs! Honestly, it’s a wonder you were even ABLE to ride a horse. Not that they aren’t totally lovely and life-giving and all. I’m just saying that I didn’t have anything like that until I purchased them with real, American Visa card.

  8. says

    I laughed, I cried, it moved me.
    I’m pregnant. We’re a sensitive breed.

    Also, I noticed you wore heels to a zoo-Christmas-light trip? You really wanted him! I’ve worn heels for my Andy all of two times. One was to get some at Halloween and the other was our wedding.

    Actually, I guess I got some both times.

  9. Leslie says

    I LOVE this. I love that you’ve known each other since preschool. PRESCHOOL! Wow!
    Had I ever gone to prom (was never asked, no one went in a group at Bowsher), there was a robin’s-egg blue Jessica McClintock dress at Gantos I would have had to have.

  10. Kyle says

    I also proposed to my (live-in) boyfriend, on Christmas eve, and he said “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” like he was having a stroke. I then said -fine. I didn’t want you to say yes anyway. (lie). It would be a year and 6 months later that he proposed in the middle of Time Square on vacation in New York (from Kansas – hello bright lights, big city) and I was so distracted by the ring I never really said yes. But every once and a while I can make him feel really awful by reliving the stroke moment he crushed my heart. Maybe you can milk yours too.

  11. says

    Awwww! What a wonderful love story!

    The prom photo with the caption “These outfits really happened” made me laugh out loud, but not as much as I laughed when I read ” freezing my clitoritis off on a slab of cold concrete” – because nothing says True Love quite like a frozen vagina.

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