Look what I made: DIY Circle Scarf.

In second grade, I learned how to draw horses.

I was pretty awesome at it, and from that point on, whenever anyone in my class needed a picture of a horse drawn, I was the one who did it.

What’s that you are drawing, a horse?  The proportions are all off, move!

But, not everything calls for a horse.

Brittany, what is this?

That would be….the last supper.

Right, but it’s just a picture of 13 horses wearing bibs.

It’s a metaphor.  Plus, I have trouble with human hands and noses.

Jesus wasn’t a horse.

But the bible doesn’t say he wasn’t not a horse.

I think you should go talk to the principal.

Well, this seems unfair.

I sat on a cold wooden chair in the office of Sister Mary Ellen, a rotund nun with facial hair like my dad, explaining to her why I drew Jesus as a horse, and how my parents had told me that nuns weren’t married because they were all dating Jesus, and while I didn’t know the exact details about how sex works, I knew everyone had to take their underwear off, and maybe she could verify if he was at least a centaur.  She lost patience with me after ten minutes and sent me back to class and a note home to my parents.

I was also pulled out of advanced religion, and put back in regular old non-mensa religion.  Which essentially meant less memorizing the Apostles Creed, and more cut and pasting animals, two by two, in a giant boat.  Except for the unicorns and dinosaurs, obviously.

I think Sister Mary Ellen was just upset she wasn’t as close to Jesus as she thought she was.

There’s always jealousy in plural relationships, just ask Kody Brown.  I bet that guy wishes he was a centaur, too.

Artistically speaking, I’ve never evolved past the horse.  Or the general belief that Jesus had hooves.

Leading to an adolescence and early adult life that was largely void of crafting, save for the pottery class I took in college, that resulted in a series of failed ashtrays that resembled glory holes.

Today, I am here to redeem myself.

Now, I’m not entirely sure why when I had kids, the part of my brain that was in charge of dressing myself in fashionable clothing stroked out, but from the moment Jude crowned, the majority of our disposable income has gone to our children.

Which isn’t a big deal for Andy, because he can still wear the jeans he wore when he was 20, which is why I took a certain level of pleasure in his post-vasectomy hernia.

But for me, I quickly understood why in all our family pictures I wore a gorgeous homemade dress with poofy sleeves, while my mom looked like an old timey train hobo.

Women are way less selfish than men.  It’s actually a fact.  I read it on the bathroom wall of the feminist bookstore I worked at for a week in college until I was hit in the face with an umbilical cord made of watermelon jello by some abortion activists as I came back from my lunch break at Panda Express.

For months now, I have been in complete infatuation with the circle scarves from American Apparel.

But, for $28 a piece, I couldn’t pull the trigger.  I only recently stopped buying  my underwear from the Walmart clearance rack, and relearning to spend money on myself is a process.   Somethings have become a necessity due to fluctuating weight, like jeans and bras, mostly due to Andy’s growing intolerance of the mental breakdowns I have in my closet every time I have to get dressed to go into public, that almost always result in my failed attempt to construct a noose out of a pair of Spanx.

Since, accessories have become a non-essential splurge I save for gifts and work bonuses.

So, I decided to make my own American Apparel Circle Scarf. I mean, how hard can this be?  It’s making a circle.

First, I went to the fabric store, voluntarily for the very first time in my life.  Not that your mom making all your clothes isn’t the awesomest part of elementary school, but the second we walked in, I was total PTSD over polyester rompers and irregular fitting paisley turtlenecks.

I wanted a stretchy fabric with enough length that I could wrap it around my neck a few times, so I bought 2 yards each of pink, heather gray, and green moss colored knit.  Priced $4.98 a yard.

diy circle scarf 4

The fabric is about 45 inches wide, and comes off the bolt folded in half lengthwise, so keep it that way.  I laid the fabric out long ways, then brought the two ends together and sewed them together, creating a seam.


diy circle scarf 1

diy circle scarf 2

And that was it.  Seriously.  The entire process took less than 10 minutes.


diy circle scarf 3

The end result?  My new favorite accessory.  Three awesome circle scarfs for a grand total of $29.88.

Circle Scarf 1

Picnik collage

circle scarf 7

Are these better than a confiscated picture of 13 horses celebrating the Last Supper?  I’m not sure, but I love them.

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  1. says

    I love these! I actually made a few from old t-shirts (just cut under the arm holes and stretch. Insta scarf.) and may be slightly obsessed with them. I even figured out how to make the necklush scarves myself.

    There’s a possibility I may have a slight obsession with scarves.

    • says

      That’s exactly what I was going to post. making them out of t-shirts is so much easier and no sewing involved at all! Plus you can pick up your materials at Goodwill or secondhand where ever!

      • says

        I actually saw and tried that tutorial with a 3X tshirt from Walmart, and it was cute in terms of just putting it around my neck once, but I couldn’t get the length I wanted to wrap it.

        Which could have everything to do with my big fat neck.

    • says

      No, I don’t have one, I just sewed the initial seam connecting the two ends, then (and this is optional) I just put another “seam” in so the inside fabric from the initial seam laid flat. Does that make sense? Christ, I am horrible at explaining things.

  2. Kim says

    Nice! Maybe that will be my first project with my handy dandy sewing machine that was given to me that I have no idea how to use. Thread, scissors, and fabric? Can’t be that hard right. Where does the thread go though?? :-)

    You have the best hair EVER by the way. Can you feel my jealousy??

  3. says

    You did an awesome job! My problem is, that I can never find the really great thin & soft fabric at my ghetto fabric store. Oh, and it would take me all damn day to thread my machine properly.

  4. says

    OH MY GOSH!!! I am going to go out this weekend and make those!!! I would really LOVE to know more about that awesome material you you used as well!! I love to sew, I made my daughter some super cute skirts a while back. I love that you wear your new scarfs with just a tank.

    Your HOT!!!

    Oh and your hair.,….LOVE IT!!!

    • Brittany says

      I bought 3 different types of knit to play around with, but I would say go with any jersey knit you can find.

      The grey knit is like the cuff of a sweatshirt.

      The pink is actually ribbed and thicker.

      And the green is a very thin interlock knit, not quite sheer.

  5. Julia says

    I am so impressed! Looks easy enough even for me (my only craft in the last ten years was making an apron for a Sooki Halloween costume… turned out pretty good if you didn’t look at the back). As far as women being less selfish than men – ALWAYS! Who ate the last waffle I was clearly saving for my 3 year old??? Not me! But my husband did…

    Never mind that. I am not bitter. Thanks for posting the pictures – you have inspired me as well! You rock!

  6. says

    Okay, first off ..
    The nuns who taught me told me they were MARRIED to Jesus and they each had a delicate gold band on their fingers to prove this. One of them even waxed rhapsodic for ten minutes about his “gorgeous blue eyes” never mind that I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the case.
    Anyway, I love this scarf but I am rendered unable to even speak about it because you have movie star hair. Seriously, how do you even have hair long flowing curls like that?

    • Brittany says

      I’ll do a hair tutorial.

      And WHAT. They are married to Jesus!? These women are crazy. It’s like Lars and the Real Girl only WEIRDER.

  7. says

    I love the look of scarves, especially the summer ones, but I live in South Louisiana, where wrapping a scarf around my neck and walking across the college campus where I work would result in an immediate heat stroke for me. I hope to one day move to a place where summers don’t feel like Mother Nature is trying to smother me with a heated blanket.

  8. says

    I’d compliment your scarves but I’m too busy being super sad for the dinosaurs. IF ONLY THEY COULD HAVE GOTTEN TO THE ARK MORE QUICKLY.

  9. Maria says

    Wow, I may have to try that – I love those circle scarves too. I just can never seem to get it draped so that it looks right on me.

    And, has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Rebecca Budig? She plays Greenlee on All My Children and won Skating with the Stars. You could be twins!

  10. says

    Fantastic scarves. Well done. I’m not sure they are better than 13 horses celebrating the Last Supper but they’re a start on the road to that level of output.

  11. Trisha says

    Would love to try to make some of these for Winter down here. Heat index was 109 yesterday so I’m sure I’d pass out just walking to my car in the morning, even if it was a lightweight material. It’s disgustingly, sticky hot and today’s only the first day of Summer. Florida sucks sometimes.

    I love the pictures and I agree that your hair is amazing and kinda stole the show :)

  12. Kristy says

    Way too hot for any kind of scarf here right now, but really cute! You can totally rock a scarf!

    Sigh, I am soooo jealous, I wanna look like you!!!!!!

  13. says

    ya know that thing not only looks good it is totally utilitarian! You flip around the other way and Andy can totally use it as reigns!

  14. Jamie says

    Oh, how about you get a barefoot foodie patch made, iron it on some of the scarves you make and sell them for $18 ea, you make a profit, you are saving people money, AND you have another vehicle to advertize. You are welcome.

    Barefoot foodie merchandise? I think so.

  15. says

    Looking at these pictures I had the idea to take a few scarves I already own and turn them into circle scarves. One seam – ta da – four scarves I didn’t wear so often are now going to be new favorites.

    See there? Not only are you crafty – you are inspirational!

  16. says

    I just need to tell you how sick you make me with your gorgeousness. Also I will be making those soon. Hello summer fat arms… this scarf will totally draw the attention away… I’ll make tons of them.

  17. One Rad Chick says

    Brittany!!! You are beautiful! Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are creative! You are curvy! You are smart! You are funny!
    I have to try these scarves. They look simple enough ( my mom hates when I say that, she ends up finishing my sewing projects).

    • Dana says

      I read this comment in a Dr Seuss type tone. I’m not sure why. Maybe I need to stop reading so many kids’ books

  18. says

    1. The scarves are full of the awesome.
    2.You are totally hot and I have a girl crush on you.
    3.I totally hate you for being totally hot. ;P

  19. Sara A. says

    Love them! I need to know….the jeans. Where are they from?! I love them.
    Oh and I went to Catholic school here in good ole Ohio and trust me …nuns totally love the peen. They SQUISHY HEART it.

  20. Johanna says

    Love love love the scarf! But am I the only one who really wishes she could see The Last Supper horse drawing?

  21. Tesa says

    I broke my foot a year ago and was put on bed rest for 10 agonizing days. I YouTubed how to crochet and now can make some really nice scarves. Send me your addy and I will mail you one. They are not wraps like these but I’ve seen similiar sold in store for up to $60 for same thing I make.

  22. says

    Has anyone tried that little hand held sowing thing-a-ma-jig? Does it work? I want to attempt to make these but don’t want to make a full investment in a sowing machine if it all goes down the crapper.

  23. katie says

    hilarious!!! my response to my complaining son after being hauled to three different fabric stores last week, “welcome to MY childhood.” throw in weekly meetings of the garden club and regular demands to go outside and pull weeds, and the circle would be complete.


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