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I have gotten an absolutely huge response from people regarding my response to the Marie Claire article, as well as, my weight in general.  It’s no secret that it’s an underlining issue in many of my posts, and I thought that it would be super fun, not only to hear from me on the issue, but from Andy.

Andy is like the less sexually confusing Anderson Cooper of my war on weight.  He has been embedded on the front lines since I was 15, and I think hearing his point of view is really interesting, because as women, what our partners think is often a huge factor in how we see ourselves.

Also, I love almost nothing more than waking Andy up at 7:30am to make him do uncomfortable things in front of a camera.

P.S.  I have no idea why Andy hates pretty much every idea I have.  Ever.

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  1. says

    I don’t comment hardly at all, I’m just one of your many silent lurking fans……

    If I may offer a quote up for you? It’s by Jalal-uddin Rumi.

    “You wander from room to room,
    Hunting for that diamond necklace
    that is already around your neck.”

  2. says

    First time visitor from A southern fairytale, I just love this post!! I feel the same way as you do and husband feels like your husband, they love us!! Why can’t we get over the weight issue??? Why???? Thanks for sharing this, you are not alone!

  3. Dragon says

    My dear friend Rachel linked to your video…. wow! I am in awe and almost jealous of the fact you have such a great relationship with your husband. I must tell you, that is more of a blessing than being a size 6 or 8 would ever or could ever be! Most women, I was once a size 8, are unhappy with their weight. When I was an 8, I swore I was a heifer. Now, after being married, having a child and at a weight that would double my pre-baby (she’s now 12, so I can’t use that one anymore) weight, I realize weight and size do not equate happiness.

    And just a little inside scoop……… women worry more about what other women think of them, then what men think of them. Odd huh? I have a friend who is a plastic surgeon (I call him Dr. Inhancement) and he said more women get breast implants and other elective surgeries because of wanting to be “better” than other women.

    I don’t want to be a size 8 again, want to know why? I am much happier with my life as a size 16. God makes us all different, so that we can encourage and support one another. As a curvy chick, I would rather sit and talk to my girlfriends over cheesecake as compared to the unhappy biotches who would prefer cigarettes and soda for their nutritional support. So, come to South Texas and have some pablano soup and cheesecake with me and Rachel! :)

  4. kate says

    To Andy: Girls are not the only ones that say mean things about weight to each other. In fact in my life it’s 95% boys/men that have been overwhelmingly rude or outright disgusting about my weight, at ANY of my vastly varying stages in my size. And we’re talking adult men, not just children or teenagers, that continue to do this. My exhusband was one of these people. I’m glad you treat your wife like a person.

    To Brittany: You’ve found a good man. If he doesn’t worry about what you look like I hope you eventually learn to not worry about it either. I hate to say this, but personal experience of my own and with my friends, he is rare. If he isn’t rare, then men like him need to start speaking up because we can’t hear you over all the hatred. Maybe he can start encouraging them or at least publicly denouncing cruelty.

  5. Koren says

    Well I dont know. I mean it is good and all he does not think about your weight and stays with you but does he really think that your body is sexy and eye grabbing and just so irresistible? I think that those are two totally different things.

    • Krystal says

      I think the fact that he’s stating that it’s not an issue to him is him saying that he finds her sexy and attractive no matter what.

  6. Melannie says

    So I watched this the other day and came back to discover 111 comments before mine.

    Wow talk about being hit in the face with a dead fish. It was like looking in a mirror. I hear you and where you are coming from. The cutting labels, the things we say to ourselves, the things we hear, the irrational “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Fear” and the husbands, my husband is just like yours.

    He doesn’t know let alone care about the size on my pants. He just wants me to be happy cause when I am happy, he is. He doesn’t understand why telling me I am beautiful doesn’t sink in to my head. He loves me all the same. If I could just relax in that it would all be good.

    Thanks for your honesty.

  7. says

    I didn’t think that you could rock anymore than you already do but oh guess what, you can!!! I LOVED hearing things from Andy’s perspective and I know my husband would be saying the same thing. He loves his lady with curves and a bootie. Hell yeah!

    Us chicks thank you for this Brittany! MWAH!

  8. says

    Visiting from The Newlywed-blogs. Your husband is like my husband. We get so hung up over little things (that aren’t so little to us) and they love us no matter what.

    Can I just say, that I love your scenario of running out of the house naked? I thought I was the only one who did that! Except I’ve decided I’d grab a blanket from the bed, no way I’m letting all the neighbors see me!

    Revel in the fact you have a loving husband. It will keep us sane :)


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