H1N1: A love story.

Ok, so here is the deal.

I seldom get all mommy up in here.

This is my place.  For my life stories.

Sometimes the stories are about me being a parent, mostly they are about me being an asshole.

In fact, not a week ago, I would have written some scathing post about that ballsack of a father that creepy, Village of the Damned balloon kid has.

Or about my dad’s recent decision to conduct his daily business in denim overalls.

Or even about this old boyfriend I had that I caught in bed with a stripper named Shauna, whose entire upper lip is now just one giant, oozey herpe sore, and I am pretty sure his dick fell off.

But today, I can’t.

I’m gonna take a moment, as a mommy, to tell you…the last thing you should have to do, as a mommy, is to sit with your sick kid in a quarantined hospital room, with needles coming out of his arms.  And, the only contact he has outside of his mommy is with people in scary masks and full body rubber suits, who treat him like he has the plague.

And, there are all these other kids, just like him.  Equally sick.  Equally miserable.  Totally fucking freaking out.

And to think.  If the vaccine would have been available sooner, this all could have been prevented.


Get yours.

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    And to Lotte? Whoa… have you read anything at all, ever? You’re wrong. Thanks Chris, for you your reply to her. I shake my head at people who are STRONGLY against the vaccine. Sure, it is normal to have questions… I sure do… especially b/c in Canada we only have the thimerosal and adjuvant vaccine available to children. They say it is safe, though… so? I have to trust my doctors and Health Canada. 2 young children have died within days of eachother here. Had symptoms of this flu and 1 and 2 days later, they died. HOLY SHIT I’m scared, you know?

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    sorry… I could have sworn I wrote another reply, but I don’t see it, so I wanted to say that I AM SO SORRY you are going through this and I hope for a speedy recovery for your little one! Poor him… and you. There is NOTHING worse than seeing your child sick in the hospital. My oldest son had a bad case of pneumonia last year and was in the children’s hospital for 2 weeks. He needed surgery to drain fluid from his lung, as he was not getting better. He had a chest tube in him for 4 days, and was on a morphine drip (OMG) along with all the other meds going through his body. I never questioned anything the doctors did. I was freaked, but they are the EXPERTS and then knew how to make him better. He was on an oxygen mask. It was a nightmare, to say the least. And so this is the number 1 reason I know I have to give my boys this H1N1 vaccine. Even though here in Canada we don’t a thimerosal free choice. Ours contains thimerosal, and also, they’re all the adjuvant ones. Apprently they are safe. So I have to start trusting and just get it done. This flu has hit our city HARD core, and 2 very young people – 13 and 11 years old – have died within days of eachother after only 2 days of symptoms. SCARY and HORRIFIC. So yes, I’m getting my boys vaccinated. There is more to worry about if they are not vaccinated, right? Brittany, I hope you all get to go home soon. It sucks to see your child sick in the hospital and even to see other sick children. Take care, all of you… HUGS xoxoxo AND thank you for this post. Made me teary and all. And I am glad you wrote it.

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    I’m so sorry for your little guy and hope all is better now.

    Sitting in Texas with a high risk, asthma child who has been in the hospital countless times for respiratory problems, yet THERE ARE NO SHOTS HERE. In fact, our dumb state doesn’t even have any seasonal flu shots for pediatrics. They’ve got mist, but no injections. The at-risk kids can’t take the mist.

    Mad and crossing my fingers,



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